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Recruitment Solutions

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We have proven experience and expertise to offer the best Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution to your needs. We understand the challenges involved in recruiting the right candidate at the right time and also at the right place in order to meet the ever-changing business demands and global practices.Thus, offer the best service in the industry by not only hiring the right candidate for your requirement but also at a reduced cost.

Nursol provides the most reliable and timely solution to your needs and demands. It is our responsibility to adhere to the timeline in hiring the most suitable candidate in the industry in terms of both quality and experience.

Nursol’sRPO business model is unique and incomparable when it comes to recruitment. We provide optimised solutions for the growing demands with our highly organised techniques followed right from screening candidates to short-listing to recruitmentand there on to on-boarding. We ensure timely delivery of quality recruits with competitive cost.


The advancement in technology across the globe is directly linked to dynamic market scenario and stiff competition in which every organization needs to optimally use its most critical resource – people – efficiently and effectively to impact business results. Recruiting such candidates permanently is the most tedious job.

Nursol is a leading firm that aids small, medium and multinational organizations to hire permanent employees to expand its operations and optimize business results. We believe that skilled employees are an asset to any organization and so we work towards providing suchcandidates to your organization. We aid in identifying and hiring the best of best from the pool of candidates.

We cater to the growing needs of the organizations and provide the most efficient solution much faster.Our permanent staffing solution is designed to provide candidates who are fully screened and equipped with quality education and skills who have the potential to become not only permanent employees but also valuable employees to your organization.

We promise to provide matchless permanent staffing solutions to organizations of any size and capabilities. Thus, you can rely on us and be rest assured to get the most appropriate employees for your organization.


If you are looking forward to employ new employees without investing your efforts, time and money on managing HR operations then, Employee Leasing is your solution

There are a lot of administrative and HR related policies to adhere while recruiting an employee. Organizations find it difficult to carry out all the procedures due to various reasons such as lack of manpower, lack of time or any other related operational constraints. As these policies are also statutory it becomes increasingly inevitable for the organization.

Employee Leasing Solutions is the best method that aids organizations who want to hire employees without any hassles of routing processes or paper work. It is the tailor-made solution for small and medium sized organizations with minimal workforce. We at Nursol, provide remarkable employee leasing solutions to your organization by handling end-to-end administrative and HR related policies.

We offer a wide range of employee leasing services to you. This arrangement helps you to concentrate on the core business and allow us to manage payroll processing and risk administration. We ensure to take care of all payroll and other related expenses of your leased employees. We address and provide:

  • Insurance related benefits
  • Fool-proof payroll services
  • Risk management and training
  • Internal training for employees
  • Various employee programs


Shifting demographic patterns, productivity factor and cost restrictions has begun to set a new dimension for requirement and pace of work, which mandates recruitment of employees only for a specific job or project or a fixed tenure. This type of recruitment of employees is called temporary staffing.

Nursol assists you in permanent/regular recruitments, on-demand, seasonal or contractual recruitments or temporary staffing. In a very short span of time, Nursol has proved its competencies in delivering the most deserving and suitable temporary manpower to the organizations.

We work with you to understand your requirements and aid in providing the most suitable temporary employee. These employees will be on our payroll so that we provide the required payroll support to you. We also adopt existing employees of your organization or employees on your payroll system to provide payroll support service from our end.

We provide a combination of services as per your requirements i.e. we take care of hiring to HR administration to compliance activities. We also conduct employee engagement programs to elevate your business results and also create better work environments. Our services ensure:

  • Abiding by standard contractual procedures
  • Accurate payroll operations and personnel administration of employees in the system
  • Handle statutory compliance, remittance of statutory payments and other related administration
  • Manage employee registration under ESIC & EPF schemes


Organizations achieve best results based on planning and successful execution of tasks. The growth in business is directly related to the performance of employees along with a sharp vision and guidance of an able leader.

Nursol is a market leader in providing Executive Search solutions. We aid in finding the best senior ranking executives who can make a big difference to the organization. We have provided some of the best leaders in the industry. We have carried out end-to-end screening to on-boarding processes for some of the highly-skilled positions at organizations including:

  • Senior/Deputy Managers
  • The Board of Director
  • Vice-presidents
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Are you looking for hazel-free services that eliminate expenses involved in staffing thereby reducing the risks and enforcing control

We provide top-class master vendor solution where we as a single recruitment provider will be your primary point of contact and wemaintain and manage all recruitment related activitiesalong with secondary suppliers. We handle all kinds of enterprise–level supplier consolidations with ease. We have various costing structure for every other requirement that offers best deals with lower margins, thus reducing cost per hire. If you wish to have a Master Vendor program for optimized efficiency, effectiveness and reduced costs then, Nursol is here for you.

We follow a stipulated framework to deliver best results to you at the agreed timeline. Our services provide you the luxury of:

  • Dealing with a single point of contact (SPOC) to manage vendors
  • Handle all related employment risks
  • Accessing critical resources/ issues / updates
  • Payroll service management to manage all employees
  • Detailed reports and analytics
  • Monitor and maintain compliance, on-boarding and training programs

Our Placement Services

We are the most reliable placement service provider in the industry. Our placement services have served many organizations so far. Our placement strategy ensures that the right candidate is placed for the right job. Our comprehensive placement service has won accolades from not only the employers but also the candidates /employees who get placed.

The placement team at Nursol will take up the responsibility of placing the candidate through its active participation in every stage of candidate placement throughout the recruitment cycle. We aim to deliver solution that is mutually rewarding for both the employer and the candidate.

Our quality of service has been commendable. Our primary focus is to understand the needs and requirements of the candidate and then map with the prospective opportunity. We have a strong network of organizations that rely on us for their placement service. Thus, we ensure to analyse your requirement and provide tailor-made placement solutions that suits your requirements. We cater to a wide range of spectrum that encompasses small, mid-size, national and multinational corporations.

HR Services

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Managing payroll activities completely within your organisation is a tedious job because of rigid and mandatory rules and regulations that imposes huge penalties for non-compliance to statutory requirements and also other related trivial issues.

Nursol has a well-established and robust payroll processing system supported with software tools, IT expertize and the right infrastructure to ensure accurate and flawless payroll service to your employees. We ensure that all employees are paid accurately and on time. We shall maintain updated employee information and records to ensure correct withholdings and deductions. We also maintain proper and timely statutory remittance process. In addition, we alsooffer self-service provision to ensure smooth work flow and maintain transparency in our operations. With our services we offer seamless benefits to you which guarantee:

  • A quick response and turnaround time
  • Support throughout the employee life-cycle
  • Easy accessibility and transparency in all payroll processes
  • Save cost on robust and advanced IT infrastructure and trained manpower
  • Adherence to all compliance and statutory norms
  • Updated and accurate documentation and reports
  • Quick enquiry and effective solution for issues


Ever-changing employment laws and policies have emerged as a critical challenge for small and mid-sized organizations to keep themselves compliant.

Nursol is equipped to cater to your requirements in the domain of Regulatory Compliance, Statutory and Labour Law Compliances. We ensure compliances for all your employees deputed at various locations as well. We also offer a comprehensive and customized solution that best fits your requirement. We manage all our services with a scalable infrastructure supported with expertise to tackle large scale and complex compliance requirements and provide desired results. We offer a wide range of services that covers all your needs:

  • Consulting Services
  • Audit Services
  • Maintenance Services


Way to reduce cost and avoid exhaustive process of screening, shortlisting and recruiting and on-boarding employees is through HR outsourcing

HR consulting/outsourcing has evolved as one of the best solution to hire employees with minimal expenses, processes and manpower. Our HR consulting services provide world-class services to your requirement. We manage and streamline your internal processes to optimise your operation with better results.

We have required proficiency, knowledge and skill to support all your requirements in human resource and employment administration issues. Our solutions are designed to effectively manage all employment processes related to HR. We have the expertise to handle various tasks pertaining to multiple domains from small, mid-size and large organizations.

We are equipped with the required infrastructure and a strong team of professionals with rich experience to address and deal with critical HR requirements by mapping the human resources requirements to the business strategiesin order to generate results. We monitor and manage HR processesof your employees and enhance your operational capabilities

Some of the advantages of consulting are:

  • Minimise the operating cost involved in recruitment
  • Avoid legal complications and remain risk-free
  • Optimise compliance policies
  • Streamline and reorganise various HR functions
  • Help to concentrate on growth of organization
  • Save money on recruitment and training of skilled manpower for the task
  • Optimise the service delivery
  • Increase productivity by concentrating on other internal operations and expertise


Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is designed to handle tasks and processes related to human resource management and information technology through exclusive HR software. This software helps to transforms the operational perspective of an organization.

HRMS and Payroll Software is developed to not only deal with payroll activities,it manipulates the entire human resource management system to enhance the growth of an organization and boost productivity. The Software is designed to deal with processes right from hiring to tracking of employees on-board. It also provides access to critical employee information. It aids in automating various routine and tedious HR activities with the help of technologyand generate best results.

Our HRMS software will not only show a significant reduction in manual operations and manpower but also indirectly impact your business at different departments. We manage HR functions of your employees. We handle:

  • On-boarding of an employee
  • Attendance
  • Leaves
  • Payroll
  • Reimbursement queries
  • Statutory & Compliance
  • Accessibility to payslips